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Feeling trapped by your to-do list? How therapy can help avoid a burnout.

Have you forgotten what it feels like to not be tired?

Do you not enjoy daily ordinary activities as much as you used to? Is it difficult to just do nothing?

Is it easier to beat to the drum of the external factors rather than tune into yourself?

Some people are keen to always produce, perform and progress. This is all great but what about just being and letting your mind rest and take you places. There is a chance you might figure out a different way to progress in life.   

Resetting your nervous system to avoid a burnout

In my work, I often encounter people who seem surprised that their nervous systems are overwhelmed and overstimulated. They should somehow be ok with it all and always be strong and survive everything. The suggestion of resetting their nervous system on a regular basis seems alien to them. The sense of enslavement to an endless to do list is too strong.

An open laptop next to a diary with a to do list and a phone

Burnout is when you have no more internal resources but feel pressure and intense compulsion to go on.  

When relaxing is difficult because you feel burdened with feelings of shame and guilt, when you try to do less.

There is an expanding to do list instead of opportunities to recharge.

Therapy as a way to avoid a burnout

I notice more and more how some of my clients feel a pressure to do and they can’t resist to do. Resisting and holding onto to what they need feels harder and harder. This is the road to burnout.

Practising how to take regular breaks to tune into yourself and reset your nervous system can help to avoid a burnout.  

Therapy can be just that. A place where you are the focus without external interruptions and sitting uncomfortably listening to your needs. I say 'uncomfortably' because it can be. When you first come to find out what you need, it can feel unfamiliar and you might want to run or you squirm in your seat. But it’s ok to sit quietly and try to figure this out with another human being.

A wooden set of lettes saying "If not now when"

[Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash]

If this has resonated and you would like to see how therapy can help you feel better or avoid going through a burnout, you can get in touch with me to see if I can help you.


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