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Frequently asked questions

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  • How can I make sure that everything stays confidential?
    Confidentiality is paramount in my work and I can guarantee that everything you say to me remains confidential. It is important that we build a therapeutic relationship based on trust. I also abide by the BACP Ethical Framework. There are 2 occasions when I may need to break confidentiality and those are intention to harm others and intention to harm yourself. With your permission, it may be necessary to consult your doctor in those occasions.
  • Will I meet other people when I come to my appointment?
    No, I work from a discreet and quiet location and I don’t have a waiting room. I make a point to ask my clients to arrive exactly at the time of their appointment and I always begin and end at the agreed time. I leave a short gap between appointments to protect your anonymity and confidentiality.
  • How do I find the right therapist?
    It is important that you choose a therapist you feel you can trust and provides a safe space for you to explore your feelings. During the initial consultation, we can discuss whether you feel safe enough to continue with regular sessions.
  • What happens in counselling?
    In counselling, we try to figure out what might be bothering you and understand why and its root cause to enable you to make any necessary changes in your life. Seeing someone who is not related to any part of your life can offer relief as you explore parts of your life that may seem problematic. You will be supported in a non-judgemental and safe environment to enable to talk things through.

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