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Bereavement Counselling

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When you lose someone you love, it is really distressing, not only because you have lost the person but you’ve lost the relationship with them and the possibility of making new memories and sharing new experiences. 


Soon after death, you may experience shock, numbness, denial, disbelief or you may feel struggle to feel anything at all. 


Grieving is a natural human experience and everyone grieves in a unique way. There is no right or wrong way. 


But it is exhausting and it can make you feel angry. Angry that you have lost your loved one, angry that you are left behind, angry that other loved ones are now in pain too. 


Bereavement does not go away but you learn to live with it. 


Counselling can help understand and make sense of what the new life without your loved one can look like. It can help bear and manage the grief. 


When you feel ready to seek counselling, I can help you by providing a safe place where you can talk to me about your experience of bereavement and all the feelings that this has brought up for you. 


I have trained and volunteered with Cruse Bereavement Care which hopefully gives you more reassurance that you are in safe hands with me.

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