Why seek counselling?

It can be difficult to know when exactly to seek counselling. 

Is it when you are in crisis? 

Is it when you feel overwhelmed?


You are the only person who knows the answer to this. Right now, I can help you get a sense of whether this is the right time for you.  


●     Do you need to talk to someone but don’t know where to turn?

●     Do you think you are a bad parent and can never get it right?

●     Do you find that your temper gets out of control sometimes?

●     Do you feel really low? Does it feel that this has been going for too long?

●     Do you feel anxious a lot of the time? 

●     Is your grief all-consuming? 

●     Do you struggle to talk to your husband/wife?

●     Do you stress about food? Too much? Too little? No appetite? 

●     Have you become aware that your past trauma or events still affect you now? 


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then counselling can offer real help to you. 


In my experience, talking about your concerns with someone that's trained to both hear them and respond to them, in a particular way, can be really helpful.


There is no magical cure and it won’t change a painful past, but I am confident that it can ease the way, and help you change how you feel about yourself and your relationships. 


If it sounds like counselling could be really good for you right now, get in touch and we can arrange a time to speak. 

Image by Alina Fedorchenko