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What can counselling and psychotherapy help you with?

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It can be difficult to know when exactly to seek counselling and what it can help you with. 

Do you reach out when you are in crisis? Or when you feel overwhelmed?

In my experience, talking about your concerns with someone that's trained to

both hear them and respond to them, in a particular way, can be really helpful.


There is no magical cure and it won’t change a painful past, but I am confident that it can ease the way, and help you change how you feel about yourself and your relationships. 


Right now, I can help you get a sense of whether this is the right time for you.  

If you would like to;


  • to talk to someone but don’t know where to turn;

  • to feel heard, and seen and understood;

  • to understand yourself as a parent and how to be the best you can be;

  • to express and understand your feelings and meet your own needs;

  • to understand your depression and anxiety; 

  • to manage and understand your grief;

  • to realise how you relate to others, so you can be your full authentic self;

  • to develop your resilience and feel able to cope better; 

Then this might be the right time to reach to find out how I can help you. 

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