Found a new norm yet?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

What we are going through at the moment is new and doing something new makes us vulnerable. We have to get used to new norms and routines and try to understand the world around us. There is a lot of uncertainty and we have to deal with the unknown of how this will all end and when it will all end. We just don’t know.

And it’s actually not just the big things that are different and new. It’s the small things that can trigger us the most. Shaking hands, seeing friends, hugging each other, catching up with colleagues at work, taking the children to the park, popping to the shops, chatting in the queue without thinking about how close we are to one another. These are the little things that are different and new. And it can make us feel vulnerable.

Even though being new to this situation makes us feel vulnerable, we humans like to make sense of things.

So, why do we feel this way? If we try to name and understand our feelings, we can be more present and only try to control what is actually within our control. We can also manage our expectations and not set up ourselves to fail because this newness might take a while to get used to.

What is the one thing that you are finding it hard to get used to?

Counselling can be very helpful to understand yourself better and if there is one thing the isolation and this pandemic is making us do is reflect. We are faced with a roller-coaster of emotions and being able to explore them holds a great opportunity for self-development and paves the way to make us stronger.

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